Welcome to Global Citizen

We believe in Trust, Cooperation & One Sustainable World

Why we are here

We are here because the transition to a more sustainable world is both a necessity and a possibility. We are here because the transition is not happening as fast and efficient as it should and could. We are here because we believe we have something to offer to make the transition work better. 

What we do

We take a holistic, horizontal and action-oriented view on sustainability. We aim to structure sustainability, to ensure an overview of the topic and to pave the way for systematic problem-solving. We take initiatives that engage all sectors of society. We help business and other actors keeping costs down and ambitions high.  

How we work

We have set up the world’s first taxonomy on sustainability, structuring more than 2.400 topics relating to sustainability. We will launch The Wave for Trust, Cooperation & Sustainability. We have introduced a resource model called “Grey Gold & Green Gold”. We will develop a Sustainability Tool that will help businesses, cities and other actors to further sustainability.  

Who we work with

We work together with the upcoming ABC+ alliance for sustainable economic growth; tomorrow’s alliance of dedicated key actors from Academia, Business, Civil Society + Politics. We facilitate a co-operation across multiple sectors, such as Energy, Foodstuffs, Construction, Transportation, Services. We engage students and unemployed academics: Green Gold. We combine this high value resource with retired professors, experts and other experienced actors: Grey Gold.

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Our partners in the Smart Sustainable Valley Project

Welcome to Global Citizen

Global Citizen is an organisation dedicated to taking sustainability to the next level. The profound ideas behind Global Citizen date back more than 12 years, but it is within the past five years the organisation has undergone an amazing transformation to what it is today.

Global Citizen is headquartered in Denmark. It is co-founded by Søren Winther Lundby and Thusan Ceylons and rests upon a board, chaired by Svend Aage Madsen, former Senior Vice President Procurement at LEGO.

Global Citizen gathers and strengthens the ABC+ Alliance for sustainable economic growth and has developed the world’s first taxonomy on sustainability, structuring more than 2.500 topics and 45.000 items. Also, Global Citizen is a global first mover in developing a systematic resource model for sustainable economic growth, the Green Gold & Grey Gold Model.